Christmas Eve Eve

Hi everyone, it’s the eve of Christmas eve, and it’s Friday, could life get better? Today the kids and their parents are off to Vermont, leaving me with five whole days off! Before they leave, I am going to drop off their Christmas presents. Shopping for the kids wasn’t hard but what was hard about it was narrowing it down, not getting too much, and making it fair for each child. It was also really hard to shop for the parents. I wanted to shop for them as individuals, giving them a chance to be appreciated as who they are as people, not as parents. However, I finally have their gifts together and I am super excited about what I got. With that, here is my list of xmas gifts for my nanny family.

Kid 1: 12-year-old girl

The middle schooler is one of my favorite people, we are very similar and get along pretty well. We even have the same name 🙂 I could shop for her all day every day but it’s usually for stuff I  think she would like based on my tastes, but not exactly hers. It is also hard for her because she is right in between being a teenager and still being a kid. Once, I told her I was taking her younger brothers to the trampoline park and automatically assumed she wouldn’t want to come. Her response to that was, “Just because I’m 12 doesn’t mean I don’t like fun stuff.” I felt terrible, and have since then been trying to treat her like the young person she really is. Growing up sucks, and I don’t need to be the one to rush her.

Anyway, I did my best to balance her gift between kid and teen. I went with a personalized canvas makeup bag by Pipi Cucu that read ‘My Squad Eats Hay’ as she is absolutely obsessed with horses and riding. Inside the bag, I grabbed some hair accessories (mini hair brush, clips, and elastics) because she is in a constant battle with her own mane. She is also getting a horse necklace, something I bought for her back in October, as a bribe to keep her room clean for a week. She failed the bribe, so I saved it for Christmas. Lastly, I got her a small friendship bracelet making kit because she loves crafting.

Kid 2: 9-year-old boy

The boys are so easy to shop for, I had a lot of trouble holding myself back. The fourth grader loves star wars, video games, anything army related, etc. He is the purest form of boy. When it comes down to it, I know his favorite thing on earth is his Xbox One. One of my best days with him was a trip to the arcade after a half day of school. We had the best day playing video games together from Pacman to SkiBall. With that, I found they made a Pacman game for Xbox One, and knew it was a must. My first day with these kids, the 9-year-old and I played Pokemon Go on my phone, and it was our thing for weeks after. So when I saw a Pokemon shirt at Old Navy for $8, I grabbed him that too. Lastly, I got him a game of Jenga, for all the times we stacked blocks and begged them not to fall.

Kid 3: 4-year-old boy

The youngest is the one I spend the most time with. He is the last one to go to school in the morning, and the first one to be picked up, and also has one day off a week. He is honestly one of my BFFs, so shopping for him was beyond easy, and he even has one extra gift because I literally couldn’t stop. The main thing about him is that he is always wanting to be just like his older brother. He constantly takes his toys or tries to, and then gets beat up on for it. He needs big boy toys, but at his level. With that, I got him a junior lego set that lets him build a police car and motorcycle. The same time I was buying the Pokemon shirt, I saw one that said ‘Oh Snap!’ with two gingerbread on it. The sound of the four year old saying ‘Oh Snap!’ was the epitome of my summer. He picked it up from somewhere and used it in the best context, like when I would be disciplining his brother or sister and it went silent. Too funny. So after the shirt and the lego, I found a finger-painting dinosaur set and pack of army men and a tank. These little toys are something we can play with when he is home from school and I know he will love them.

The Mom

 The mom of this family has to be one of the most hard working women I have ever met in my life. She travels for work and in the past week she has been home for about two days total. She is on planes and in the car more often than not, and she does it because she genuienly loves her work and supporting her family. The kids miss her when she isn’t around, but they respect what she does and I never hear them complain. With her gift, I had the idea of a spa/relaxation theme but honestly knew she would never have the time to use it and has her own ways to relax. With that, I went with a Modern Muse by Estee Lauder travel set, which is one of my favorite fragrances and a travel journal. As I was packing this gift up, I looked up at my book shelf and saw my copy of ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ by Allison Pearson. I saw this at a used book sale a few months ago, and it reminded me of the Mom but without a reason to give it to her, I kept it on my shelf. Christmas was that opportunity, and although it is a beat up old copy, I really hope she reads it and likes it.

The Dad

The Dad of this family is a huge kitchen guy, he has Williams Sonoma everything. As a fan of the store myself, I love all the gadgets I constantly find in the kitchen. He also has endless coffee and espresso makers, but I only see one getting any real use. With that, I got him the Bialetti three cup espresso maker, my Dad has one and he says its the best. It goes right on the stove top and is super easy to use. To go with that, I got some Illy espressor powder, another reccomendation by my Dad.

Voila! Christmas, managed.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love that it’s basically one big birthday for everyone. It is a chance for every person to feel special, loved, and wanted all in one day. Shopping is the fun part, but seeing the happiness on people’s faces is even better. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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