Snowy Weekend

On Friday night, I left work and went to a hot yoga class at Kaia Yoga in Westport, CT. The hot vinyasa open level is the best yoga I have ever taken. What I like about it most is the instructor, Cheryl. She is strong, smart, and makes you feel confident in your practice while also helping when you need it. I also really like that she plays real music, not just soft chimes and gongs. After that, I neglected a night out with my friends, something I am never sorry about doing. As a 24 year old, my defintion of fun should be drinking and dancing the night away with my friends. While I have had some great nights that way, it still does not define fun for me. What is fun for me is a satisfying workout, a good meal, and a way to really bond with people. If it were up to me, my friends and I would watch movies and play board games on Friday nights. I hate putting on heels, uncomfortably tight pants, and a low cut top just to freeze my toosh off before going into a sweaty bar. It is impossible to really talk to people once you’re there, so your only option is to dance, and how does that really create a connection? So, when I chose to head home after hot yoga, I was more than pleased.

On Saturday, the clouds opened up over CT and soft snowflakes fell for most of the day, causing messy roads. As the snow fell, my plans to go skiing for the first time were canceled. This was pretty disappointing, as I was eager to do something with my friends that wasn’t a night out at the bar. I was excited to learn something new and see if I liked it. Especially because one of my NYE ‘resolutions is to try new things whenever the opportunity rises. I had all my gear ready, and it was super disappointing when the disastrous roads stopped us. As always, I did my best to make the most of it and made  double chocolate chip cookie in a skillet, via Martha Stewart and watched Divergent by the fire with my Dad. I hadn’t seen the Divergent series, and while the concept extremely similar to the hunger games, I thought it was a  more ‘well-done’ film, less commercial and more solid acting. I pretty excited to watch the rest of the movies in the series!

On Sunday, I got up at 7:30am to make it to my appointment for my first ever deep tissue massage. Kate and I made appointments in hopes to really need them post-skiing and once I knew I had the slot, my body ached all week. I take a lot of classes at SoulCycle, which puts a lot of strain on my back. I also do a lot of weight-lifting and running, which makes my muscles super sore. I feel tense all the time, and a massage was just what I needed. Our appointments were at

Our appointments were at Elements Massage in Fairfield, CT. When we got there, we were offered cucumber lemon water while we filled out forms and waited for our masseuses. We went in shortly, and I met Ian, my new best friend. When I was welcomed into the massage room, it was dimly lit and I saw the table with the typical sheet, covered by a fuzzy blanket. I repeat: fuzzy blanket!! It was honestly pretty irrational how excited I got over seeing that blanket, I love all things cozy and instantly felt right at home. Ian then asked about any bodily injuries/if there were any areas I wanted to focus on. I told him about a minor car accident I got into over the summer that resulted in a muscle spasm in my left shoulder that still slows me down during workouts. After that, he told me to get undressed (there were hooks, hangers, and a mirror) and get under the sheet.

Under the cozy sheet and blanket, I put my face into the coziest face cradle ever, it must have been temperpedic! Ian then rubbed my back, legs, shoulders, hands, feet, neck, and shoulders for the best 60 minutes of my life. He had just the right amount of pressure and was sure to get out every knot. I left feeling AMAZING and will for sure be back.

The 60 minute deep tissue massage was $59 for a first time visit. If I wish to continue monthly it would be $69 per month for one 60 minute massage a month. Seeing as I do so much working out, I think this will be something I add to my routine.

All in all, what is amazing about my job as a nanny is the freedom it gives me. Because of the kids and their amazing parents, I have the time and money to try new things and explore the things I might love. While my weekends are usually pretty lavish, I am officially initiaitng a savings account, and putting aside $200 a week. January will be the first month I do it so there will be posts about it soon! Wish me luck!


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