Me & The Dogs

When I was a little girl, I had a best friend named Peyton, someone I still see and hang with when I can. Peyton and I had the type of friendship where we would spend every waking moment together and then cry when we left each other. When we were around 8, Peyton got a golden retriever puppy named Buster and Buster is how I figured out I was allergic to dogs, and cats for that matter. The hair on the animals causes my throat to close up and my nose to run like a faucet. If I am around them too long, my throat closes up completely. So from Buster on, I basically avoided any friend’s house with furry animals and carried an inhaler at all times for any unexpected encounters. The allergy eliminated any loving nature I could ever have towards animals. It made me resent them for making me so sick. But yesterday, I think I got a little bit of that loving instinct.

When I took my nannying job, I was aware they had three dogs. Two golden retrievers (that are sisters) and one french bulldog (that is small but so so fiesty). However, as I have gotten older my symptoms have become less severe and I took the job anyway. The dogs stay in the mudroom/garage, not in the house so their hair isn’t exactly everywhere and I don’t have to be with them all day. After I drop the kids off, I come home and let the dogs play outside and then let them back in before pick up. That’s about it.

When I arrived to work this past Monday, I noticed that one of the golden retrievers was limping. When I told the 12 y/o about it, she said she had noticed it too. On Tuesday, things got way worse and action needed to be taken. When I went to let the dog out of the crate she shares with her sister, she couldn’t get up using her front paws and was having trouble doing anything. She wasn’t even eating her food. After telling the mom about it, I called the Vet and made an appointment for 4:45pm, when I am scheduled to leave at 4pm. I offered to stay later and let the 12 y/o go with the dad to the vet while I stayed home with the two boys. Now that’s when you know I cared about this dog. I also cared enough to go buy an extra $100 crate so the injured dog could lay down by herself and have room to spread out. At the pet store I found myself eyeing the dog beds and cute toys, I just really wanted to take care of her.

So despite my resentment towards animals, I think I understand now why people love them. It gives them something to love and care for, and everyone needs that.

After the Vet: The dog has lyme disease, and an infection from her shock collar. Once she finishes antibiotics (taken with spoonfuls of PB) she will be all better 🙂


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