I’m not going out for the third friday in a row because I really like my Saturday morning routine of SoulCycle at 8:30am and errands after. I pay $36 a class at Soul, I’m not going hungover!! LOL am I 24 or 44 ?

Plus this was just SUCH a long and stressful week:

Monday– I had all three kids all day and took them to the trampoline park.

Tuesday-The dog fiasco (see previous post)

Wednesday- Worked all day then class from 5-730pm

Thursday- Alllllllll day with the 4 year old, and came home to find a $1500 medical bill from a car accident I was in last June. I decided to forgo insurance coverage because I had never previously gotten a bill from my short ER visit. Nowwwww I have to call Geico and get it paid for. HEADACHE.

Friday-Today I went to Starbucks to watch a DVD for my online class and do a write up on it. When I went to put the DVD into my laptop, it didn’t work!! So I went down to the library for an hour and watched it on an old PC. I had an hour more to watch when it was time to go get the four-year-old from school. So, after work I sped back to the library to finish the DVD before the library closed at six. Only to find that when I got to the library, I had left my backpack IN MY NANNY CAR. lawwwwdddd help me.

LUCKILY I found the movie I need to watch on Youtube, and can get my assignment done! After that I will decompress in a vanilla bubble bath and read the novel I am currently enthralled in, ‘Swear on This Life’ by Renee Carlino. Such a great read so far, review coming soon!!


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