Week 21

In my 21st week of nannying, I found myself having trouble believing it has only been 21 weeks. It’s hard to think I had other jobs before this, and that they had other nannies before me. Although I do have a pretty concrete daily/weekly routine with the kids, there are surprises every day. They are constantly challenging me and teaching me something new.

Monday: The start of the week was extremely efficient. All three kids had school, and the oldest daughter had her tutor until 4pm. With my 9-1pm free time completely to myself, I got tons of laundry and cleaning done. I organized the boy’s drawers, even though they are already a mess again. I did all the dishes, worked on my homework, and even watched a little bit TV. After picking them all up, I went to the gym took a BodyPump class, which was awesome! Overall, I had a great Monday.

Tuesday: Okay, so this is when shit hit the fan. For the second Tuesday in a row, snow was predicted to start at 10 a.m and continue throughout the day. All schools were on, but letting them out early. The #1 (not sure about using the kid’s real names so I better not) got out at 11:30am, #3 at 1pm, and #2 at 1:40pm. Despite living in CT my whole life, I am NOT a snow driver. The Audi I  drive the kids around in is all-wheel-drive but that didn’t make me any less nervous.

 The snow was coming down the worst at my first pick up, 11:30a.m. My tires slipped pulling into the parking lot, and that’s when my heart started to race. All I could think about is how f*cked I would be if I crashed the AUDI. omg. After getting her in the car, we went to the Starbucks drive thru, becauseeee priorities. With an iced coffee in my hand and a frappuccino in hers, we slid our way out of the parking lot and into traffic. LOL. After that, I couldn’t believe I had to wait another hour before picking up the other two kids. STRESS.

At 1pm, I left the #1 at the house figuring it was one less person to worry about being in the car if we crashed. I grabbed the iPad, and picked up the four-year-old. With him happily playing Minecraft in his booster, I went to the elementary school and waited in the parking lot for thirty minutes until the last kid was in the car.

We were all safe at home by 2 p.m, and now all I had to do was watch the snow pile up and worry about driving my Kia Forte home. HAAAA. This is my third car, and my third car that isn’t safe for snow. Next one I swear…

When the Dad finally got home, at 4 p.m, I was panicking big time. But I just put the pedal l to the metal and went for it as safely and slowly as I could, and made it, no problem. PHEWWWWWWW.

Wednesday: So after all that, the snow was basically gone on Wednesday as the temperatures hit around 50 degrees. That’s New England for you! But with class that night and a presentation to do, I knew this day would be anything but chill. Presenting in front of people is one of my biggest anxieties, despite all the practice I had had. So I spent my free time in the morning going over and over my notes, getting more and more nervous. When I picked up #3, I finally told myself that whatever is meant to be will be. So what if I blew it? I don’t know anyone in the class, and I can take one low grade if I need to. With that, we picked up a game of UNO (well, I played, and he made up his own rules). As we were playing, my phone and apple watch started buzzing, and the mom’s number came through on my caller ID.

“Hi, I just read an email from the elementary school, #2  has a fever and is waiting for you in the nurse, have you gotten a call?”

“No! Oh my gosh I haven’t gotten any calls! We can go right now,”

With that, #3 and I rushed out to save his brother. As we approached the nurse’s office, #2’s pale face poked out from the mini infirmary. This kid is pretty tough, and literally so cool sometimes that he intimidates even me. To see him all sad and sick was so cute ugh. When I greeted the nurse, she told me that they didn’t have my phone number on file and even though #2 had it written down, she couldn’t call unless I was on the list. He had been in there since 11 a.m with a fever of 102. POOR THING. CAN YOU IMAGINE. This little thing with a his babysitter’s number on a sticky note and the nurse can’t call her!!!! I was so sad omg. After that, the mom called and made sure I was on every list possible.

Now, playing nurse is one of my favorite things. I could never do it as a career because there is way too much science and liability but I LOVE taking care of poor little sick people. When we go home, I sent #2 upstairs to take a shower and put on some clean pajamas. As he washed off the germs, I filled up a water bottle, turned down his bed, and propped his iPad mini up on his night stand. I threw extra blankets and stuffed animals on the bed, and tucked him in to relax. As I walked out of the room he said, “thank you nurse abby,” LOVEEEE it.

Thursday: When I got there Thursday morning, I found that #2 would be staying home sick, which I expected. What I forgot however is that #3 doesn’t have school on Thursdays. LORD KNOWS WHY. UGH. So basically, I had one sick kid and one rambunctious four year old in the house ALL DAY. It’s not like we could take the sick one anywhere, or that #3 could have any friends over with a sick brother… We were stranded. Not to mention, after work that day I was going to babysit for a different family. At 8:30a.m, I was so anxious. WHAT was I going to do with these two until 4??? And then I was literally just like screw it, honestly. I gave them both their iPads and let them play on them until they got sick of it, and I’m not sorry. While they stared at their screens, I did homework, laundry, and watched my own screen. I think a rest day was just fine. However, at one point #3’s iPad needed to charge, and I had to get creative.



What I have noticed about #3 is that he is interested in money. He likes looking at pennies and quarters. He likes to help me check out when we go shopping. With that, I decided that he needed a piggy bank and that he would love to craft one himself. So, I took an old can of Peanuts and transferred the (probably too old to eat) remains into a Ziplock bag. I cleaned out the can, stabbed a whole in the top with an all-too-dramatic steak knife and let him go to town decorating it however he wanted. I had found white paper, markers, glitter glue, random stencils, etc. Of course, he just scribbled on paper and didn’t make it all the ‘cute’ but OH WELL. It took up a solid 45 minutes and I was glad to get him doing something!! SUCCESS.


I continued to make myself proud as I headed to the gym after work, with only an hour to spare until I had to babysit the other kids. I got there at 4:45pm, worked out until 5:45pm, showered until 605 ish, then headed to their house for 6:20. BOOM. There is NO excuse for not working out, it CAN be done in short amounts of time ^^^^^^ My workout was short and sweet with 30 minutes on the treadmill and a few minutes of work with hand 15 lb hand weights (bicep curls, shoulders presses, tricep kick backs at 3 sets of 10). 

After my workout, I babysat from 630-930pm for three kids I call (in my head) the ‘OG’ squad. Three years ago, I met this family from Sittercity.com (where I have met literally all my families besides my neighbors). Since then, I have done some regular sitting for them like one or two days a week and the occasional date night. I am their go-to and I love them. The mom was in a sorority in college and is currently is a spin instructor, and she loves margaritas SO we get each other. The oldest boy is 9, the middle girl is 7 and the youngest boy is 5. What I really love and appreciate about them is that they love to play board games, run around outside (no matter how cold it is out), craft, and read. They barely watch TV and have one iPad to share. They live very minimally and have to get creative to have fun, and they are amazing at it. Needless to say, seeing them is always fun and painless.

Friday: Wo0o0o0o0o0o0o FINALLY FRIDAYYYYYY!! I wax exhausted yesterday, and evidently so was the Mom. When I got to work, #3 was crying and cleaning up his toys, #2 was sick on the couch and #1 was pushing me out the door, begging me to take her to school (lol what). This was all the cause of the mom’s tense mood, something I have seen maybe three times in 21 weeks.  But I basically didn’t care because I recall my mom acting the same way sometimes and if I could, I would too. Sometimes you’re just tired and fed up that the toys are everywhere, whatever. She works her ass off so the occasional tense morning is 100% fine by me.

Later that day, #3 had a temper tantrum too… When I asked him to help clean up the mess of toys he made he said he was ‘tired,’ which is an excuse he uses often. I told him that was unacceptable and if he was not going to help then he could have a time out. And that is when the sobbing started, and continued for about an hour. At one point I made him blow his nose because he couldnt even breathe out of it he was crying so hard. Needless to say, I left work on friday with a bit of a headache.

But hey… I made it through my 21st week.


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