Week 22

In my 22nd week of nannying, I had a lot of downtime, but the surprises never stop.

Monday: The day after the super bowl, I was exhausted. It’s not that I stayed up because I cared about the game, I mostly did because it felt like a holiday. Sunday night didn’t resemble normal Sundays. I told myself I didn’t have to be up early…but I did. Anyway, Monday was a pretty sleepy day. I did my usual loads of laundry, got my workout in, and called it a day. zZzZZzzz

Tuesday: As usual, Tuesday is when my week really started. What was fun about this particular rainy Tuesday was that all the schools had a delayed opening, because it was raining. Okay, supposedly the rain was freezing except it was closed to 40 degrees out…soooooo. This delay was two hours, meaning that #1 had to be at school at 9:45a.m, #3 at 9:30a.m and #2 at 10:45a.m. As I am planning out my morning and chopping cucumbers for lunches, the dad’s truck comes roaring back down the driveway. He comes in announcing that his GPS said he would not get to his office until 11a.m with all the traffic for the ‘freezing’ rain. With that, he headed into the office and while I try my hardest not to let the parents being around ruin my groove, it totally does. I know they respect me and how I operate but I still can’t help feeling watched when they are around, that just how it is. Anyway, #3 and I headed out to drop of #1 at her private school, 20 minutes out of town for 9:30a.m. Needless to say, #3 was late but its preschool so I think he’s good. As I am driving alone and finally in a little bit of peace, I get a text from #2.

“can we get donuts?”

“get your shoes on, I’ll be there in 2 minutes,” – Siri as me

When I pulled into the driveway, he was running out to the car with a smile from ear to ear. We rolled through the Starbucks drive through for an iced coffee (sugar free vanilla and almond milk is my VICE) for me and a doughnut for him. Okay, and he got a cake pop too because WHATEVER. After the longest drop-off sequence ever, I basically did nothing the rest of that day.


Wednesday: Hump day was the warmest day we have seen since October, 57 degrees!! When I picked up #3 from school, my nanny-mobile was the leader of the line of toddler-packed cars that drove straight from the preschool to the playground. When we got there, the kids ran wild and I hung out with the mommies. When I started hanging around with Gus and his preschool crowd, I figured the mommies would all put their noses in the air at me. I’m just ‘the nanny,’ I am not a real mom, and I’m super young. They had no reason to take me seriously. But these women are some of the nicest I know, and they treat me like one of the mommies, and one of their friends. I LOVE it.


As we stood in the near 60 degree weather, we got emails on our phones for school closings because of the snow coming that night.

Thursday: And the snow CAME. Thursday morning we woke up at 4 inches of snow, and ended the day with at least a foot. Most of the state had the day off, including me. I spent 98% of it in bed and it was amazing. I did about an hour of homework and spent the rest of the day online shopping and eating. It literally felt like Christmas. WOOOOO

Friday: Friday morning at 6:23 a.m, I was shoveling out my car. By the light of my headlights I was pushing powder, sigh. When I finally slid my Kia Forte out of the driveway, I realized that the plows had a TON of work to do. The side roads were basically a sheet of ice with salt on top and the main roads were only half way plowed. It was a huge mess. When I got to work, I found #1 would be staying home with me today to study for two tests. The tests were scheduled for today but since her parents didn’t know she had them and therefore she didn’t study all week, the mom emailed the school and pushed them to Monday. YUP. With that, I prepared her to study with me all day at the library and was excited to work there with her on my own homework. Around 8:45 a.m, the boys are dressed, their lunches are packed and we are simply waiting to leave for school. About two minutes later, I get an alert on my phone that the roads are still a mess and therefore school is CANCELLLED!!! So much for my little day of studying! I had to rethink my whole day, and quick.

New Game Plan:

  • Drop off #1 at library to study
  • Take boys with me to Target (to pick out Valentine’s for school next week).
  • Go back to library to help #1 study and hope #2 and #3 can entertain themselves for at LEAST half an hour
  • lunch
  • back to studying for #1/ ??? with the boys

Most of the above actually happened, except the ???? turned into sledding. I suited myself and the boys up in snow gear and took them to the HUGE hill down the street from their house, behind a church. I left #1 at home to study, telling her I would be quizzing her when we got back.


See? Huge! We had such a fun time, I was so happy to take them 🙂 See my Instagram for a hilarious video of #3 going down the big hill!

LESSON OF THE WEEK: Plan all you want, but at the end of the day you just have to go with the flow.

And finally, happy weekend everyone! Tomorrow I am off to SoulCycle and a little shopping with Kate. After that, I will be back writing my post on my AMAZING new laptop. Stay tuned 🙂


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