the movies

As I mentioned yesterday, last night I went to the movies to see Fifty Shades Darker with two of my single girls Kara and Kate. After work, I went straight to the gym and got 40 minutes of cardio in before running over to the theater to meet the girls. Since it was cheap Tuesday (tickets are $6 as opposed to $12) and Valentine’s Day AND the movie had just came out, I was panicking about getting in there and getting seats. After finding a parking spot, I scurried in, grabbed my ticket from the machine and ran up to the usher. This was the scariest part. 

I do not buy movie theater snacks. Not only are the prices outrageous but the food it disgusting. Movie theater popcorn is SO salty it hurts my face, and I don’t drink soda (except ginger ale when I am sick or hungover). Needless to say, every time I go to the movies my purse is stuffed with snacks. For 50 shades on Valentine’s Day, I packed my Cambelbak water bottle, some Jack Link’s beef jerky (teriyaki flavor of course), Jalapeño flavored skinny pop, and a few Dove chocolates. As I went up to the scrawny high schooler who would be checking my ticket, the anxiety was settling in. If he asks to check my bag I am screwed. But alas, he didn’t and I was FREEEEE with my snacks.

When I got to my theater, I was expecting to see a packed room. I had my scarf and hat off and ready to save seats for Kara and Kate. When I turned the corner into the auditorium, I found that I was alone. Well this is accurate, I thought. So I got the three best seats in the house and opened up my jerky. As I sat there waiting patiently for my friends, I thought about who will walk in next and how they will react to one girl alone in the theater eating beef jerky from her purse. LOL Thank god, my friends were the people to find me like that. And when they arrived, Kate had brought me my two favorite valentine’s treats: a giant Hershey Kiss and a giant Reese’s PB heart. What a great friend 🙂 

NOW, as far as 50 shades go, I am a decent fan. After seeing the first movie two years ago (again, on Vday, with gal pals lol hopefully when the third comes out I have a boyfriend), I read the first two books. I am not all that comfortable reading the porno-esque parts, so I skip over them and find that the love-story itself is worth the read. The story line is also fresh and interesting, something you don’t read everyday. It is quite literally, not your average love story, as cliche as that is.

Seeing this romantic/sexy movie with no one to go home to made it REALLY hard to watch. But it also was a good check-in with my standards. The longer you’re single, the easier it is to think about settlingOh I’ll just date SOMEONE to pass the time until I find the one. But why bother? Why waste the time? Only be available for only EXACTLY what you want. In the movie, Christian Grey gives up apart of his lifestyle because Anastasia is more important to him than anything else. He says that to her face. She has no reason not to trust him. Thats exactly how I want the man I am with to feel about me, and I him. Why settle for anything less?


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