Week 23

After Valentine’s Day, the kids and I had a relatively normal week.

Wednesday: As usual, I had class Wednesday night at SCSU from 5-730pm. I got out of work in plenty of time to get there, park, and get a good seat before class. My ‘good’ seat this week was in the back row and next to a guy I think is pretty cute. There was other seats around that one, but I chose the bold move of sitting next to him. I noticed this guy about year ago, in another one of my English major classes. It was pretty easy to notice him because there are NEVER any guys in my English classes, let alone cute ones.

Rare cute male’s key features: tall, green eyes, subtle beard, excellent style (he has a pink backpack but he’s manly enough to work it), and actually contributes posiveitly to class discussion.

So anyway, sitting next to him was a power move and I was proud of myself. The class we are in is a study of the literature that came out during the Harlem Renaissance. So far, the class is interesting but a little tough. The class focuses a lot on racism, something that I, as a white middle class female, do not deal with too often. With that being said, sometimes it gets a little tough to participate in class discussion because I really have no idea what I am talking about and don’t want to say the wrong thing. For class this week, we watched a Netflix documentary called Thirteen. It was about the 13th amendment and how it states that slavery is illegal unless it is for that of a criminal. With that, throughout history black people have been treated as criminals and arrested for mundane things simply so it that white people could enslave them. The movie was TOUGH to watch, and showed a lot of violence but because of that it was incredibly eye opening. If that is something that interests you, I recommend watching.

After the movie ended, I offered the cute male one of the chocolates I had been eating from my pocket all of class. He politely declined and that was it LOL. Not sure that is the start of an epic romance… but still proud of my power move. 

Thursday: #3 doesn’t have school on Thursdays, so we have a little routine we do. After dropping off his brother and sister, we head over to Starbucks. This is 100% because I ‘need’ a second coffee and him getting a cake pop is what gets me my coffee. From there, we go over to the Fairfield Woods Branch Library for story time. This week, his friend from Jake (not his real name sorry not sorry) school was at story time too.

Jake’s nanny, uhh Roberta (lol yeah for sure not her real name) was one of the first women to befriend me. She is from Colombia and has been with Jake since he was 3 weeks old. She is a real adult and is married with two kids. Proving that being a nanny can be a real job, not just something temporary. Anyway, from story time, #3 asked if Jake friend could come over for awhile. Since I have no real agenda after story time, I said sure! With that, Roberta and Jake came over to the house for about an hour and a half.

With his friend over, #3 was very rambunctious. He was jumping around on the furniture, yelling, and not listening to me. His friend was laughing his head off, only encouraging the behavior. I know Roberta does not judge me, but when he doesn’t listen I can’t help but feel inadequate. When they left, I told #3 that he had upset me and hopefully that never happens again.

Friday: This was the kickoff for President’s Day weekend, meaning a few extra days off of school. #1 and #3 didn’t have school, and #2 had a half day. In the morning, #1 was being a lazy lump. Being 12, I know she is just being a pre-teen, but sometimes it is very hard to get her motivated. But when it came down to focusing on getting her going or having fun with #3, I chose the latter. So #3 and I went outside to play in the snow and sled on their small backyard hill. The best part about my job is playing with #3 because I get to be a kid too. I love participating and not just playing on my phone or making him play alone. I was running and sliding down the hill, pushing him to get ‘turbo speed,’ etc. We had a blast.

After that, the three of us picked up #2 and went to the Lego Batman Movie. When we got to the theater, the cashier offered me the ‘family four pack.’ This deal was $39 and got us out tickets along with a large popcorn and two drinks. At concessions, the kids chose Sprite and Cherry Coke, and were handed to LARGE cups of soda! They looked at me with wide eyes as if to say ‘can I really have this?’ and I shrugged. “But you’re sharing with #3 and I!”

The movie was ADORABLE and so so funny. At one point, I was laughing to the point of tears. We had such a good time 🙂



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