First Wedding

When I joined my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, in 2012 I was introduced to my ‘big’ sister, Kait. If you are unfamiliar with sorority life, a ‘big’ acts like a mentor to a new sister, a.k.a a ‘little’. When I got in, Kait was just about to graduate, so we only went to school together for one year. Despite that, Kait and I have kept in touch the past four years. We are both very busy but we get together whenever we can go long meals and lots of chit chat.

Kait has been dating her fiancé since senior year of high school. They went to separate colleges, and had a long distance relationship for four years. After that, they continued to live separately for a year because Kait wanted to have enough money to contribute to an apartment with him instead of letting him pay for everything. #strongindepentwoman. Last summer, Kait’s boyfriend got down on one knee on a beach in Newport, RI. It was a well-planned surprise, and it all turned out perfectly. I was in Shop Rite shopping for groceries when I saw the picture she sent me of the ring. I called her instantly and heard the whole story standing in the popcorn aisle. ❤

The bridal shower is March 11 and the wedding is April 22, 2017.With about a month before the shower, I went out today to look for a gift and a dress. Since I have a decent amount of time, I wasn’t feeling too stressed about it as I ventured out. In that relaxed state of shopping, I had the best luck! I got the shower gift and while I want to write about what I got and show my pictures, it’ll have to wait until after, just in case Kait comes across this blog!! However, I will share the dresses I got!

*Pardon my face, these were going to my mom originally*


08827d07-a687-4edc-a24c-3bc38442c69eThis dress will be for the bridal shower. March is an awkward month for fashion, because it is right in between winter and spring. It probably won’t be warm that day, but it probably won’t be snowing either. I knew I wanted long sleeves and a fresh color. This was the first dress I saw when I walked into Anthropologie. The brand is called ‘Holding Horses’ and it was $138. I love the color and the bracelet sleeves are perfect for the in between weather. I will most likely accessorize with gold!









This is not a dress, THIS is a jumpsuit. It is a dusty navy color and had a cute tie in the back. The material is super soft and comfortable, I will for sure be able to dance in this! The brand for this is Cupro, and it was $158. I will need high shoes for this, and I think I might accessorize with white or cream.

Kait’s bridal shower will be the first bridal shower I have ever gone to. Kait’s wedding will be the first wedding I ever go to. Now that I have a killer outfit for both events, I am even more excited!




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