week 24

Even though I had Monday off, this was one of the longest weeks!

Tuesday: This Tuesday, this kids still didn’t have school. When I got to the house I put together the pieces of what went on during my three day weekend. What I pieced together is that #2 spent most of it sick, and #1 and #3 spent it at their grandparents’s house. Because of that, #1 was complaining of being SOOO tired because at grandma & grandpa’s she had to share a bed with #3, who kicks all night. With that, I found her posted up in bed, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I couldn’t help but be ultimately understanding and overall jealous, so I let her be.

With that, it was me and the two rambunctious boys for the day. I let them play video games for most of the morning, while I did laundry and dishes. At around noon, I decided I would sentence them to an hour outside, electronic-free. #3 was into it, he was excited to head out and ride his scooter. And at first, #2 was agreeable as well. After about ten minutes outside, #2 complained that the stomach ache he had all weekend was coming back.

“okay, you can go inside, but that still means no screens,” I told him and followed him inside to take away the XBOX controllers, iPad, and computer mouse. I put everything on top of the TV cabinet, something I have to go on my tiptoes to reach. He looked at my in dismay, having no clue what to do. I suggested lego, reading, drawing, etc. He said okay with a mope, and I went back outside to have fun with #3.

About 15 minutes later, I went back inside to check on #2 and instantly heard the obnoxious sounds of the XBOX.

“What are you doing! How did you get the controllers!!” I yelled.

“I jumped,” he said with a smirk. The smirk only made me even more mad. I flipped off the tv and snatched the controller from his hand.

“You better believe your parents are hearing about this,” I said to him as I took all his devices to the highest cabinet I could think of. Once I said that, he was a flurry of apologies at my feet, begging me not to tell. I didn’t respond and told him he could now sit with #3 and I and draw pictures.

As we drew, #2 was on his best ‘kiss-ass’ behavior, and was entertaining his brother. I took this opportunity to check my phone and found an email from their mother.

You’re Invited! Max’s 4th Birthday Party. February 20th 2-4pm at Rockin  Jump Trampoline Park. 

As I scanned the invitation, I realized that it was February 20th and that it was 140pm. That gave us 20 minutes to get a gift and get to the trampoline place.

“Boys, get your shoes on!” I said sternly and we were on a mission.

We sped down the street to Rite Aid, and I sent #2 to get a card while I helped #3 pick out a small gift for his friend. #2 comes back over to me with a card that has an ape sitting on a toilet and the inside reads Go apeshit, its your birthday!! 

“GET AN APPROPRIATE CARD, ITS A 4 YEAR OLDS BIRTHDAY!!” I yelled at him, half laughing.

At 1:54pm we were out of Rite Aid and on our way to the trampoline park. We arrived at 2:05pm, ready to party. I am still impressed with myself, honestly. 

Wednesday: The next day, I was so happy to have some chill time while all the kids went to school. When I picked up #3 from school, we spent some time doing his ‘homework’ for preschool. Once a month the child is sent home  with the ‘share bag’ and has to fill the bag with objects that start with the letter they are studying that week. This week, #3 had the letter ‘o’. With that, he realized that he had an Otter sticker and an Octopus sticker from the new Dory coloring book I had bought him. I told him that if he wanted to put that in his share bag, he had to write the words all by himself.



When he got to school in August, he didn’t even know the alphabet, now look at him! He was so happy and proud of himself.

Thursday: As usual, #3 doesn’t have school on Thursdays and I am always trying to think of something to keep him busy. This week, I thought of The Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk, CT.  I remember is vaguely from when I was little, and it is well-known fun for kids. What I found was an old museum that was WAY too crowded and run down. I was honestly not that impressed :(. #3 had fun, of course, but I took note of the fact that most of the activities and exhibits were extremely outdated and overused. I paid $30 for the two of us to go in, and we stayed for about an hour and a half. That is a pretty good amount of time considering I was bored within 30 minutes. Overall, I would not recommend The Stepping Stones Museum to anyone. 

On the upside, when we got home from the museum, the weather had turned incredibly warm and gorgeous and #3 wanted to play outside. We were riding our scooters up and down the driveway when I found myself wanting seriously just to bask in the sun. I stopped my scooter and laid down like a starfish in the middle of the driveway and shut my eyes.

“Abby, what are you doing!!” #3 said. I shrugged and waved my hand for him to join me. Suddenly, he snuggled up next to me and we laid in the sun together just like that.

“I smell spring!” He said. ❤ After a little basking, I asked him if he wanted to have a picnic lunch.


Overall it was a hectic week but a great week, as always 🙂



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