So… I’m going to Europe

I missed my senior prom to go to Mexico with my mom in 2011. She won the trip in December and we booked it before we knew we would be leaving the same day as prom. That was the only time I have left the country.

About two weeks ago, the woman I nanny for told me that they would be away for April 9-16th and that I would have the week off. “I might ask you to help feed the chickens & bunnies but other than that you can do whatever you want…” – direct quote. Anyway, needless to say I will NOT be feeding the animals because I AM GOING TO LONDON AND PARIS. 

Last Saturday I started looking into things I could do. Since I recently cut myself off from my latest friend group (see previous post), I knew I was going it alone. I looked into house building trips or helping poor people in exotic countries trips blah blah but none seemed all that appealing. I found my way to, where I found trips for groups of people ages 18-28 at incredible prices. They had a trip to London and Paris for April 8-15th, HOW PERFECT IS THAT!! So I have paid $2500 which INCLUDES flights, hotels, and guided tours in every city.

Since I am booking only a month in advance, I was put in last minute and the people at EF College Break customer service were incredibly helpful. Now I will be spending the next month SAVINNGGGG money and getting ready for my first real adventure!


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