Why cutting people out of your life is OK

I grew up moving around and constantly needing to make new friends. Even when I got to my current address and stayed there throughout high school, I was always jumping between friend groups. I like a lot of different types of people and can make friends with basically anyone. What I have realized about that is it is also pretty easy for me to drop people if I feel the need to. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by people they love and can be inspired by. The only way to make sure people are good for you is to try but it is okay to get to know someone and decide you don’t like them.

        I also know that because I jump friend groups so often, I tend do dive in head first, get too excited and end up losing myself. I end up making choices I don’t like just because I am with these new friends. That is normally when I need to take a step back and evaluate whether or not these people are for me. I would rather be completely by myself than settle for people I don’t truly like. Life is short enough, don’t waste it being around sucky people.


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