week 25

Monday: When I got to the house after the weekend, I was given a list of tasks, which I LOVE. I love when the give me things to do while the kids are at school because it gives me a real sense of purpose. I know these people need me and value my help, but having things I need to get done other than the usual laundry and dishes, is super fun.

  1. Drop off dry-cleaning
  2. Grocery Shop at Stew Leonard’s
  3. pick up poster board for #2’s project
  4. pick up a gift card as a thank you for the mother of #1’s friend, who took her to an Arianna Grande concert over the weekend
  5. Target to pick up dog food

While the list wasn’t that long, it was time consuming and took a lot of driving around in towns farther from home. But things like this have become so much easier because I know these people now. The first time I went to the grocery store for them, I had a total anxiety attack. I was sweating in the meat aisle, not knowing if I was buying the right sausage. Now, I breezed through the aisles, grabbing what I know they all like. It is also fun that the parents encourage me to buy what I will eat as well.

In the midst of the list, this was the day I was planning on booking my trip to London and Paris, as well as take a Barre class after work. After completing the list, picking up all the kids, and leaving exhausted, I sat in the parking lot at Pure Barre and called EF College Break. Thankfully, the woman was SO nice, helpful, and accommodating to me, the phone call was effortless. However, she did tell me that because I was adding in late, there was a chance my price could go up after they contacted the airlines/hotels. She said I would hear back about it by the end of the week.  My Pure Barre class was with an instructor I haven’t taken before, and she was awesome as well. SUCH a fulfilling day 🙂

Tuesday: On Tuesday, I had a lot less to do for the family so my free time was way more free. I worked on laundry and watched TV. I was thankful that this day was a lot more relaxed because after work, I had scheduled to babysit for my OG squad. I may have mentioned them before… This ‘original’ group of three kids, I have been sitting on for three years. There is a 7 year old girl, a nine year old boy and a 5 (almost 6) year old boy. The mom works lightly as a spin instructor (but is mostly a stay at home mom), and the dad works full time. When the youngest was a toddler, I would come every Friday during the school year, to give the mom a break. Over the summers, I was going 3 times a week to give the mom a break. These kids are amazing, they behave VERY well for me, and seeing them is no hassle at all.

The last few Tuesdays, the mom has been calling me over in a panic to get the girl to soccer on time while managing the boys homework and dinner. This is where I come in. She takes the girl to soccer, I feed the boys, get their homework done, and have them ready for bed by the time she comes home. This particular night, the nine year old needed new shoes, so it was just me and the youngest. He is always so good, up until bedtime. He wants me to read him endless stories, doesn’t want to brush his teeth, runs around naked before finally putting his PJS on…its a hassle. But since I have known him so long, it doesn’t really affect me anymore. When they came home, I was tucking him into his top-bunk bed and blowing him kisses goodnight.

After that, the other two needed dinner and as she was warming it up the mom said to me: “So, idk if this is inappropriate but, do you want a glass of wine?” I hesitated, thinking that I could politely decline but instead I said “uhhhh yes…” I’ve known this woman for three years, while it might have been odd if it were my first night, it wasn’t. With that, the two older kids at dinner next to us as the mom, the dad, and I chatted over glasses of red wine. It was awesome. After she gave me a $50 check I went home, ready for a nice wine-induced coma.

Wednesday: Hump day is always tough for me, especially if I babysit Tuesday nights. Wednesdays are the day I have class at SCSU but given how tired I was and how gloomy the weather was, I opted out. I went to a Pure Barre class instead. While I felt guilty skipping out on class (for the second time and knowing I need to skip two more for 1. John Mayer Concert and 2. Europe), I needed the mental health time.

Thursday: Thursdays are the worst because the oldest has a morning study hall, and therefore gets to sleep in. Waking her up is probably the worst part of my job. Over the summer it was a daily battle to drag her out of bed. The funniest part is that we weren’t ever doing anything but going to the pool club or summer camp. She won’t even get up for fun stuff, so when it comes to school…forget it. This Thursday, I went up to her room three times before she finally ‘woke up’. At 7:45 I yelled up and asked if she was getting dressed, and she said yes. I want to leave on Thursdays by 8am to get her to school and get #2 to school on time. Luckily #3 doesn’t have school so its one less one to worry about. At 7:55, #2 went up to grab his sweatshirt, “Abby she is still laying in her bed!!!!” He called down to me. So now I was pissed. I sprinted up the stairs screaming at there to get up and get in the car, she had 5 minutes or we would leave without her and she could explain to her parents why. At 8:02, she was in the car. Her hair was a mess, her teeth weren’t brushed, and her shoes were not even on. No coat, but a muffin in her hand for breakfast. “So you realize it is extremely disrespectful and frustrating to me when you don’t get up on time, right?”


“If it happens again next Thursday, you will no longer be allowed to sleep in and I will drop you off on time, and you can go to study hall,”

“But theres nothing for me to do there!”

“Then get up when I tell you to!!”


So, I think I won that one in the end but I guess this Thursday will tell us that.

After drop off, #3 and I went to story time at the Fairfield Woods Branch Library. While he is in there, I have 45 minutes to myself. I was working on my homework for my online class when I got a call from my trip advisor. I shot up and ran outside, where the winds were gusting around 40 mph LOL. Although I could barely hear her, she told me that my trip was all set and that the prices were the same. All I had to do was pay the remaining balance of $500 (this week’s whole paycheck…sorry phone bill) and my full itinerary will be released on Thursday March 9th. Feeling ecstatic about that, I went on to be my best nanny-self for #3.

After story time, we went swimming at the YMCA, one of his favorite things to do. After that, we made Star Wars shaped Mac & cheese that I had picked up at Stew Leonard’s on Monday, and made him wait until Thursday to eat. After that, we got on the couch and watched Turbo, a very cute Disney movie about a snail that makes it to the Indy 500. As we are snuggled up on the couch, #3 nestles a little closer and says “I just love you Abby,” and I was so thrilled. He’s never said that before! Okay, I know he is 4, but it meant so much because he hasn’t even hinted at something like that in the 25 weeks I have been working for this family. I told him I loved him too DUHHHH.

After ALL THAT, it was time to show #2 some attention. Earlier in the week, he wrote a creative story instead of having screen time. This earned him a new video game. He had been begging me to take him to GameStop all week, so I finally bit the bullet and just took him. This was happening after school. I pick him up at 3:45 and I am supposed to leave at 4pm. So, I voluntarily pushed my hours for him. LO0O0O0O0VEEE. On the way there, #3 fell asleep in the back seat, and I had to carry him into the store, snoring and all.

Friday: Friday morning, #3 was BEAT. He was so tired, he was crying when we got to school. This NEVER happens. He loves school and seeing his friends. When I finally got him out the door, I went to a class at Pure Barre. I normally don’t blatantly do things that are so obviously for my benefit during my free time but every once in a while, I think its OK.

When the mom came home from a business trip, around 3pm, #3 and I were playing cards and #1 and been dropped off at a friends house. She came in and sat down with us, and told me that she may be taking a new job, in NYC. Which would mean they would need me to come earlier every morning. I said, no problem, I am an earlyyyy bird. After she made that announcement, I knew it was the perfect time to announce my trip. I had been nervous to tell her because me going out of the country means I will not be able to feed the chickens and bunny while they are away. She said it was not a problem, she could ask her in-laws to help out. So, trip is officially all set to go, I could not be more excited. 

This weekend, I am taking some serious down time. Next weekend I have my very first bridal shower to attend on Saturday and on Sunday I am going to the Mark Twain House Museum with my Dad. Heres to another, long but fulfilling week!!


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