Monday Moves

This weeks’ highlights

  • 1st sleepover with the kids
  • Europe itinerary coming on Thursdays
  • anticipation of email back from professor
  • submitting my grad school application
  • 1st wedding shower on saturday
  • trip to Mark Twain house in Hartford, CT with my dad!

Hi everyone! Since my weekly posts tend to get pretty long, I have decided to try to write as much as I can throughout the week. So far, it is Monday and I am currently on hold with Clarisonic customer service, trying to return my face brush. I bought one in January because my skin was breaking out like it hasn’t in years. Since then, I have been using it twice a day religiously and noticed no progress in my skin, and almost noticed it getting worse. With that, I reached out to my sister who works at a spa, and schedule a facial. When I told her I was using the Clarisonic, she said to try using it less because it might be over scrubbing my skin. I went down to once a day and say no difference. I stopped using it all together…and my skin is the clearest it has been. I also have been drinking more water and trying to consume less artificial sugars.  So, I am attempting to get my money back with their 90 day money back guarantee…

In other news, when I got to work this morning, the mom presented me with a small dilemma. It turns out that both the mom and the dad are traveling this week, which happens all the time. Usually however, they are never both gone on the same night. This week, they will both be leaving Wednesday afternoon. Normally, the dad’s parents can cover the night shift and let me go at 4pm as usual. This week, they are in Florida, leaving no choice but to SLUMBER PARTY!!! I am actually super excited about this, I think it will be fun! Hopefully. So basically, when I get to work on Wednesday morning, I will not be leaving until 9pm Thursday. But, the mom did say I could have Friday off 🙂

THE ISSUE here is that I will be missing my Wednesday night class at SCSU. This class only meets once a week and I have skipped twice already, so this will be three. I also have a John Mayer concert on April 5th and my trip to Europe will make me miss a class as well. That means I will have missed 5 out of 16 classes. There was nothing laid out in the syllabus about an attendance policy, and I cannot find anything on the school’s website about it either. So, I sent my professor an apologetic email and told her I would do whatever I could to make up for the missing time. PLEASE PRAY people the she tells me it is okay because this is my VERY LAST class after SIX years of college, I cannot fail!!!

Stay tuned!



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