Sleepover so far

What a week it has been! How is it only Wednesday? Since my post on Monday, some stresses have been relieved, but only to make room for others.

First of all, yesterday ended up being a very busy day. In the morning after I dropped the kids off at school, I went to SoulCycle for a class with Julianne. She is my favorite instructor there because her music is always epic and current. She also does a lot of great choreography on the bike. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up and I get a little discouraged but it is important to power through and try my best. Anyway, a good SoulCycle class always leaves me body tired, but my mind invigorated. After work, I ended up going to babysit for my OG squad like I have been on Tuesday nights. This was especially easy, as the little one was in a good mood and happily obeyed my tasks. The downside of my Tuesday night visits is that they make me feel super tired and over worked by the end of the day. When I got home, I made a cup of tea Mother’s Little Helper from DavidsTea. I worked there for a year and tried basically every tea, but this is the only one I still go back for. It is a sleepy time tea and it KNOCKS me out. It has peppermint, valerian root, etc. Its like having wine before bed.

Despite the tea, I was still semi-restless because I was anticipating the fact that I will probably not sleep well tonight. Which brings me to here, right now, laying on the couch with the kids. #2 is on the same couch as me, playing Roblox on his iPad mini. #1 is playing piano, although she skipped her lesson today, claiming to hate it. #3 is across the room, on anther iPad. We are in post-dinner relaxation mode.

Dinner itself was not very relaxed. The kids did leave me alone to cook, and I was not stressed out in the kitchen, but it was when they came in to eat that I lost my good mood. When they sat down, no one gushed out any thank yous, just demanded food on their plates, as I was already serving it.  Then, #2 made a comment that really irked me. I was drinking from a water bottle that I had bought for myself at Whole Food earlier today. When he saw this he said, “is that a water bottle from the garage? We should charge you for those.” Now, this kid is 9 years old, he obviously doesn’t know he is being a total d*ck in saying that, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. I instantly went from feeling like their awesome friend/babysitter that they love and respect, to ‘the help.’

After I ate in silence and they horsed around through the meal, I got up to handle the dishes. As I was placing a pot on the counter to dry, I knocked over a box of cereal and Cap’n Crunch went flying all over the floor. Instead of anyone rushing to help me clean up or even ASK if I wanted help, I heard ‘NICE MOVE!’ and I’m not sure who said it.

I NEVER feel unloved by these kids, but that meal did not make me feel so great 😦

But so far, #2 is for sure aware he made me upset and has been kissing up ever since.


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