19 hours left

After I posted last night, I brought the little one up to take a bath. Whenever I give him a bath during the day if I need to, after the playground or something, I do so in the kids bathroom. Last night, he begged me to have one in the ‘big tub’ in the master bedroom. I said OK because thats where we would be sleeping anyway.

Now, I see this tub everyday and I just by looking at it I thought it was tub goals, turns out I had no idea. As #3 got in and turned the water on, I noticed it was an faucet set up with a gold finish. The water streamed in smoothly and quietly. There is also a small sprayer that comes out of the sink. While I was mesmerized by the water, #3 was setting up legos and adding gobs of Mr. Bubble to the stream. When the Luke warm puddle was just up to his knees, #3 hit a button on the side of the tub and a get steam of bubbles ignited from all sides of the tub. Oh my god, I thought, this is heaven. If you can’t tell, I LOVE bath tubs. They are the epitome of luxury to me. Even when I was little, I thought tubs were a relaxing experience, not play-time. In my current tub at my parent’s house, I fit well enough and have a lovely Terry cloth pillow to rest my head on. I used my favorite Hempz Vanilla Creme Brûlée bubble bath with a mixture of Kneipp Lavender bath. I tub at least twice a week, after a long day with the kids or tough weekend workout. So basically, I was SUPER jealous of this tub situation that the 4 year old was doing legos in. I was jealous enough to the point where I rolled up my Lululemon leggings and stuck my feet right in that tub with him. When he saw my feet, without a word he started grabbing handfuls of bubbles and putting them on my exposed calves. “I’m making my babysitter all shinyyyy!!” He sang, and gave me the best little mini massage. I could not stop laughing.

After the tub, #3 and I watched Balto, an old cartoon movie that I used to watch as a kid, and is now on Netflix. I remember watching Balto on VHS with my older sister, and loving how the wolves howled. What I noticed about it now is that it is literally the darkest movie ever. Its so sad.

SYNOPSIS OF BALTO:  Theres this dog that is half wolf and because of that, he is like a peasant/street rat if you will. Theres this fleet of sled dogs, led by a bad boy dog named Steel (thats hot) and they are mean to Balto because he is half wolf. Then there is a sick little girl named Rosie, who can only get better if the sled dogs go and get medicine because the whole town ran out? I think? So the sled dogs head out, Balto wants to help and they so no, duh. Then the sled dogs’s crash the sled and their musher hits his head and is half dead in a coma while the dogs find their way back with the medicine. Of course, Balto is the one that finds them in need of help and gets them back.

Okay, so thats basically it. The one scene that really stood out to me was when they find out the little girl is sick and that they are out of medicine, they show a man make child-sized coffins and shaking his head. When Balto sees this, he knows he has to help… like WTF. Child-sized coffins?? Chill, I think we understood that she was super sick before tiny coffins were brought into it.

All in all: Balto is morbid AF.

When it came to the actual sleeping, #3 and I were in the bed and #2 and #1 laid on the floor, on mats/blankets. This is typical, these kids don’t sleep in their own beds ever, so I wasn’t about to face that battle on my first night alone with them. Maybe next time…

I fell asleep pretty easily but woke up at 12:30 feeling very paranoid about every little click or small noise I heard. Is there someone breaking in? Maybe this house is haunted? What would I literally do if someone came in here to kill us? I would probably grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and then say “I have a knife!!”  Like yeah that would totally make them leave if someone were breaking in…

Well, I finally made it to morning and while #1 is still sleeping, the boys and I are up. I’ll start a breakfast of pancakes and bacon soon. After that the kids all go to school and I have #3 with me all day. We have a playdate scheduled around noon. Today is also itinerary day for my trip, so I will be STALKING my email all day!! 

Just another 19 hours with the kids…



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