I survived!

I survived a full 40 hours straight with the kids, and they are all still alive! Woooo!!! Seriously, where is my medal? Yesterday after I dropped the older kids off at school, #3 and I went to The Discovery Museum with his best friend from school. This museum was SO much better than The Stepping Stones that we went to a few weeks ago. The museum is split into different rooms and the first one was an indoor wooden mini ropes course. The kids played on swinging ropes, balance beams, and even a little zipline. In the next room, there were tons of interactive units about energy. I was wondering around without the kids, testing out the different things. On the second level, there is basketball hoops, building blocks, pulleys, etc. Finally, the bottom level of the museum has a planetarium and lunar space ship exhibits. The boys had a great time, and we were there for about an hour and a half. HIGHLY recommend this museum. 

After our playdate, I needed to go to Stop and Shop to pick up antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist. About a month ago, I noticed a bump on my leg. It seemed like a pimple, but it wouldn’t pop. It didn’t bother me for awhile, so I just forgot about it. About a 5 days ago, it was enflamed, sore, and really bothering me. I made an appointment to get it checked out, now becoming super nervous about what it could be. I was mainly scared that it could be cancerous or some sort of terrible virus that could keep me from going on my trip to Europe. I have the best dermatologist. Her name is Elizabeth Murray and she is a practitioner at Fairfield Dermatology. I first saw her this past October, when she accurately diagnosed my case of shingles. She made me feel very comfortable with that virus and educated me very well on what was going on with my body. Same thing happened with my bump on my leg. Dr. Murray explained that my bump is most likely an infected ingrown hair, but she took a culture to be tested to make sure. After that, she gave the bump a steroid shot to reduce the pain it was causing me. I am now on antibiotics for a week and have a special ointment to keep on the bump under a band aid. It feels 100% better already.

So, when #3 and I were standing at the pharmacy, he was fussing with the products around the checkout counter. I told him to come stand near me and stop messing with everything. As I swiped my card, I heard the sound of falling plastic containers, crunching and bouncing off the linoleum floor. I whipped around to find that #3 had knocked over a ton of St. Patrick’s Day bakery cookies that were piled high on the table behind us. “I’m sorry I’m sorry!!” #3 was repeating frantically. “it’s okay, you need to help pick them up, come on,” I said to him as I squatted down and started grabbing cases of cookies. Realizing that the pharmacist was still waiting for me, I finished my transaction as a grocery worker came to help #3 pick up. As we left, I made him say sorry to the man, and he did.

I pulled him to the side of a nearby aisle and got down on one knee to be on his level as I spoke, “Now do you understand why I want you to stick by me in the store and not mess with stuff?” “Yes, I’m sorry abby,” he said sheepishly. “Its okay, I am not mad at you bud but now you understand, yes?” He nodded, and we went on with our day. No big deal, it was actually kinda cute and funny. 🙂

After the cookie fiasco, we got lunch at Panera. Its a great place to go with him because I can eat food that won’t make me feel bad about myself. He would love to be at McDonalds, but loves the Mac and cheese at Panera anyway, so its a win win. After that, it was time to head home and let the dogs out before heading to pick up his brother and sister.

Now, #1 has been giving me a ton of attitude lately. It is like every single thing I ask of her comes with either an eye roll, some form of back-talk, or a fight for her attention from her phone. Sometimes it is all three. She is 12, so I know she is just that but its still tough to deal with sometimes. In the morning, she was sitting at the table with a full bowl of cereal in front of her, watching videos on her phone, barely eating. When I told her to get her shoes and socks on, I asked her to hand me her phone while she did it. “No, why!!” “Because something that could take you 2 seconds will take you 10 minutes because you’ll be staring at your phone and we need to leave!!” With that, I went to grab her phone, and she actually held on tight and made me fight for it. In the car, I put it in the cupholder, saying she could have it back. Much to my joy, she forgot it :). When she got home from school, I told her could have the phone back after she cleaned out the dog’s cage after they destroyed a pillow in there.

When she completed her task and came in for her phone, I mentioned that I felt disrespected by her lately. She came back with, ‘name one example,’ I said, “I don’t need to because it is everything, you’re even doing it right now!” She went off in a huff.

For dinner last night, I ordered pizza. When it came, the boys wanted to eat in the living room and I said fine, but #1 offered to sit at the table with me. I took this opportunity to bring up her attitude again. This time, she said she was sorry and will try to be better. It was a good conversation and if it doesn’t get better after that, I will bring it to her parents. I like to give the kids a sense of responsibility and inclusion by giving them the opportunity to be better without punishment. If she choses to disrespect that then she can be punished.

Finally, all the kids went to bed and I watched This is Us on the couch while waiting for their mom to get home. I was finally in my own bed and kid-free by around 10pm last night 🙂 Now, my three day weekend is here! Today, I went to Barre and Target this morning but now I am doing NOTHING. Tomorrow, I have the bridal shower and Sunday is dad date!

Stay tuned 🙂


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