Body Talk

As a new client at Pure Barre, I make it a point to be in one of the spots by the mirror for each class.  I think it is helpful to watch my form and make sure I am doing the exercises correctly. Yesterday in class, as I looked in the mirror, I found myself getting upset. I had tears welling in my eyes as I looked at the rolls spewing out from the top of my leggings and at how tight my sports bra looked. I also hated my greasy ponytail and over-pimpled face. This past winter, I have REALLY let myself go.

I can remember it starting in December, when Christmas cookies and candies were in abundance. I had something going on with my friends every weekend, so I was drinking heavily and staying out late. I also started eating dairy again, even though I am lactose intolerant. I just didn’t want to restrict myself, or spend my time counting calories or debating what to eat. I also kept thinking, who cares? I hang out with kids all day. But since I have dumped my friends and started spending more time with myself, I have realized how terrible I look and therefore feel these days. I am the type of person who needs to hit bottom in order to realize anything, so here I am, and I am going to make a change.

The bummer with this is that I will be working hard for a few weeks, but then deleting it all when I go on my trip. I can 100% promise I will be eating WHATEVER I want when I am in Europe. I have a juice cleanse planned for the Monday after I get back, and the transformation will start then! This is making me excited to work hard and get back into a shape that makes me feel happy and healthy. While I am bummed right now, I know the end is near.



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