Facial 3/18

As I have mentioned, my skin is in terrible condition lately. I scheduled this facial about a month ago and I have been so excited to go. My sister works at Dream Spa in Westport, CT and she set me up with a great esthetician named Jamie. Dream Spa has to be the best in Fairfield County. It is clean, simply decorated in grays and whites, and has an incredible staff. When I arrived, Jamie was ready for me and took me right up for my facial. In a dim-lit room was a white bed with a fuzzy blanket and HEATED sheets. Yes, heated sheets. Jamie told me to undress from the waist up, including my bra and to remove all jewelry. After that, she asked me about my skin and if there were any allergies she should know about.

She wrapped my hair back in a towel and shimmied the sheet down to reveal my chest area (not my boobs lol). Anything she rubbed on my face, she rubbed down onto my chest and arms. For a while, I didn’t really know what as going on but I was getting a great scrub and run on my face. Then she turned on a steamer and blew hot air on my face as well as wrap it in a hot towel, leaving only my mouth and nose exposed. This part kind of freaked me out. I could breathe but I was breathing in nothing but hot air and I was feeling a little suffocated. However, my pores did feel good and next time I can be more prepared for it.

When I read the summary of the treatment on Dream Spa’s website, I noticed the word ‘extract’ which I now know means ‘pimple popping and stabbing.’ She even squeezed black heads out of my nose. While it did hurt, I knew It needed to be done, and the less pimples I have next time, the less hurt there will be. After that, she applied oil to me face and rubbed it with some for of vibrating tool that also zapped each prodded pimple. It felt like an electric shock.

Once the painful part was over, she applied a cool mask and sealed it on with wet paper towel (or maybe it was something fancier, idk). As the mask healed my irritated skin, Jamie gave me a hot stone massage on my arms and hands. At that, I had to keep myself from smiling with joy. 

At the end of it, she diagnosed that my skin issue is coming out from what I am putting into my body, aka tons of sugar and dairy. She suggested a cleanser to use a few times a week, not everyday and hopes to see me back in 6 weeks, and she most definitely will. 

As I was laying there, I thought about how a full-on spa day would be an excellent graduation gift to myself. When I went to pay and leave, I scheduled another facial, a deep tissue massage, and a pedicure for Saturday May 20th, the day after my graduation, and I can’t wait! This will be great motivation for all the working out and move saving I will need to do after my trip. #treatyoself 


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