week 27

I went to work on Monday, knowing I would have a snow day the next day. That made Monday a WHOLE lot easier and basically made my work non existent. As predicted, Monday night into Tuesday morning, Connecticut got about a foot of snow. With that, I got the day off to eat and watch The Great British Baking show with my parents. The only bad part was the two hours of shoveling I did with my Dad. We went out around 11:30 am and GUESS what had come about an hour before that? Hint: it comes once a month. I was shoveling heavy snow with a cramped up back and tons of emotions prodding at my brain. While on the one hand I felt determined to get the snow out of the way, I was also near tears because my back hurt, it was rough. I tried not to complain to my poor Dad, but a few groans did come out. After two hours of shoveling, I was happily on the couch for the rest of the night.

Wednesday morning greeted us with another snow day for the kids, but back to work for the adults. This meant I had to get to the house and spend the day with all three kids. They spent the early morning being lazy while I did laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. By 9am, the boys were ready to go outside and #1 hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. When I went up to her room, with a stack of laundry, I asked her to make her way out of bed and put her laundry away. I also warned her that at some point that day, I would be taking her phone so she could study for the two tests that she had the next day. She nodded as if she heard me, but didn’t move a muscle or look away from her phone for even a second as I spoke to her. 

When afternoon came, #2 was getting picked up to go sledding with one of his friends and #3 and I were making cupcakes. I heard the shower running and when #1 finally presented herself downstairs, I asked her to hand over her phone and starting studying.

“I want you to study hard for one hour and if I think you are in good shape after that, you can have your phone back,” I said as I put her iPhone into my back pocket and debated mentally where I would hide it. She then briefly went to her desk before coming into the kitchen and tried to participate in the baking #3 and I were doing. She was stalling, making excuses and bottom line, NOT studying. She was not listening to me one bit. After an hour of such behavior, she asked me for her phone back. At that, I took her study guide from the table and asked her to recite a definition for me. She had no answer. I told her that since she did not study, she would not be getting her phone back. She was PISSED and went up to her room without her study materials. At that point, I knew her Dad would be home soon and that he would be able to handle it.

When he came home, I was a total tattle tale, and I think what fueled it is that #1 expected me not to. She figured she could get away with her behavior. But the look on her face was pure shock as  I told her father every thing she did wrong that day. What is tough about this is that I HATE being a tattle tale of course and I want the kids to take me seriously by themselves. This is why I talked to #1 about it last week during the sleepover, but clearly that conversation didn’t work. As bummed as I was to have to take it to the parents, I knew I had to swallow my pride and do it.

Thursday morning, #3 and I had to take the car to get fixed and pick up the dry cleaning. These were two tasks I had been putting off for over a week, and with the iPad in his hand, he didn’t even notice. Once all was said and done, I surprised him with a trip to Tumble Jungle for ‘monkey time.’ For $20, the kids get to go into a small tumbling area complete with trampolines and a foam pit, as well as go through a 4 different bouncy houses. At the end of the hour, they are given pizza for lunch. So while it is a rather expensive hour, he loves it, so every once in awhile its okay. Plus, I go right into the rings with him so its a little extra cardio for me! After work, I went to a class at Pure Barre, happy to get my second workout of the week in.

On Friday, #1 didn’t have school. After I dropped the boys off at school, I woke her up and dragged her to Target so we could get her a pack of socks. Every morning when we leave for school, she complains she doesn’t have any socks to wear and the sock dilemma always delays us. She picked out a pair of plain gray ones that will be easy to match. After crossing that off our list, we did a lap around Target with me doing double takes at all the cute things and her laughing and rolling her eyes at me. We had fun.

The only thing I really wanted to pick up for myself while we were there was a new CamelBak water bottle. I have sworn by these for about 4 years now. Last week, I put some juice into mine and it ruined the taste of water in it. For a few days I tried using my S’well bottle instead of spending money on a new one. I bought matching S’wells for my mom and I last spring because there were super trendy and still are. While they keep my water ice cold, having to remove the cap to drink is obnoxious to me, especially during workouts and while driving. With the Cambelbak I am hands free! As we looked at the options I saw a sparkly pink one, something I have NEVER seen before. I am obsessed with it. Its the little things in life ❤

After we picked up #3, we went to the ‘invention convention’ at #2’s school. The 4th and 5th grade kids were set up in the gym, presenting projects the invented. Some were simple, and some were 100% done by their parents. We stayed for about 20 minutes, then took #2 home with us where we all played in the driveway for awhile as it had warmed up. #2 got out her rollerblades, 1 on her bike, and 3 on his scooter. It was so nice to be out there for a bit and not have them run straight to their devices. 

When they parents came home, we sat down and had a 6 month ‘check in.’ The mom is starting a new job on the 27th, meaning I have to be at work a half an hour earlier. Seeing as I am a morning person, this isn’t an issue for me. We then talked about upcoming things like vacations, spring sports, summer camp, etc. What was nice about it was that they mentioned how happy they were to have me and that they know the kids adore me. They didn’t have anything negative to say, not that I was expecting them to. Overall it was a positive conversation and felt good to check in with them both, as we don’t really ever get a chance to.

Next week should be relatively normal…stay tuned! 🙂


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