weekend babysitting

Last night I babysat for my friend so she could go somewhere I wasn’t invited. 

Sad point aside, I had a nice time with this set of kids and made good extra money for my trip. The kids are 11, 9, and 7 and inevitably the two older ones know my NKs, #smalltownproblems. The kids had pizza for dinner and the two older boys ran off with their iPads while I hung out with the youngest girl. We had a great time wearing princess crowns and playing with play doh before bedtime. With her last 10 minutes of freedom, she wanted to have a ‘dance party’ and plugged my phone into the kitchen speaker to show me some of her best dance moves. She takes hip hop lessons and was actually very good and adorable too watch. After that, we headed up to her fairy-princess themed room complete with bed canopy, walk-in closet, and personal full bathroom. She brushed her teeth and got into bed without any issues.

Once she was all set, I went in to tell the boys they had one more hour of iPad time before having to turn them off for bed. After that, I went downstairs and scrounged for food seeing as I hadn’t had dinner before I came. I settled with a PBJ with grape (ew) jelly and some Fritos lol, great for my diet. But there were cookies and cupcakes everywhere from St. Patty’s day and I didn’t touch them!!

At 9pm I went up and told the boys to go to bed, and they did! Easy peezy! For the next hour and a half, I watched Say Yes to the Dress in HD surround sound. Not a bad way to spend Saturday night if I do say so myself.

Today, I am headed to a class at Pure Barre before working on my grad school applications and homework for the week!


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