Hi people!! This is a busy week for me, here is a quick run down before I telll you about my awesome day and new workout obsession:

Monday: try new workout at JoyX/first day of work starting at 630 a.m from now on! zzZZzzzZZ

Tuesday: Soulcycle/Fairfield University Graduate Information Session 6-7pm

Wednesday: Joyx workout/Class 5-730pm

Thursday: #3 all day/ babysit other kids 5-8pm

Friday: Soulcycle/paper due at midnight

Saturday: Soulcycle/babysit other kids 12-6pm

Sunday: homework all morning (I need to get ahead before my trip!) /babysit other kids 1-6pm


Today, I did mostly all of my favorite things and I am in bed now feeling extremely content. Well, as content as I can be with a Crest white strip on my teeth…

Today I had fun with the kids, got an awesome workout in, worked on some homework, hung out with my mom, ate well. I felt confident and happy for most of the day. LOVEEDDD it. Although it was a great day all around, the very best part was my workout.

I am obsessed with boutique fitness. I love going to a centralized studio that has a focus on a specific form of exercise and therefore gives you the best result. For example, doing yoga at the gym is the worst. You can hear the grunts of men heavy lifting outside, see people peering in through the windows and the hum of bass from the music that blares throughout the place. It is extremely distracting and impossible to be zen. The teachers are lazy and seem to barely know what they are doing. Meanwhile, at a private studio that only focuses on yoga is an absolute oasis. Same thing goes for a private cycling studio or barre studio, etc. I LOVE trying out the new studios and seeing what they have to offer.

Today, I went to Joyride Cycling Studio’s new studio (above the spin one) that focuses on their very own high intensity strength workouts. I have been riding at Joyride for a few years, despite my latest addiction to SoulCycle. I trust Joyride Studio for a great workout, excellent amenities and a friendly staff. So today I took a class called JoyX with Armond. Armond is a trainer at Nike, so yeah, he’s legit. His workouts are tough but not intimidating, he creates a friendly and safe environment.

For class today, we warmed up with jogs and sprints around the room before half of us (women) started on Century boxing bags with boxing gloves in hand, and the other half started one water-filled rowing machines. For the first 30 minutes of class, I was punching a boxing bag with boxing gloves on and everything. In-between punching circuits we would all hit the floor for cardio movements. The second half of class, I was on the rower and pushing water is hard! The room was dark and the music was pumping, the atmosphere was empowering and I beat that hell out of that punching bag. It was an awesome workout and EXACTLY what I have been craving. I really enjoyed doing Pure Barre for the last month but results there are slow, and so are the workouts. I have been in need of hardcore and badass, and that is what I got today at JoyX!!

After my workout, I went over to Olympia Sports to get #1 a lacrosse stick and mouth guard for her first day of lacrosse. I then hopped on the parkway and dropped it off for her in the school office. After that, I went back to the house and folded some laundry before picking up #3 and hanging with him. We watched The Little Rascals and had guacamole :). After work, I went to the library and worked on an essay I have due Friday night. Finally, I had dinner with my mom and watched TV. FULFILLED. This is the kind of day I lo0o0oveeee.

Now I need to rest up for my exciting day tomorrow!

Stay tuned 🙂


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