What a LONG week it was, I am simply exhausted. After Monday’s fun and fulfilling day, things got busy. Tuesday after work, I went to Fairfield University’s Graduate Information session. There I met the director of the program who told us the ins and outs of the MFA in Creative Writing. The more she told us, the more interested and excited I was. I am expecting to hear a decision from them soon, FINGERS CROSSED!!

On Wednesday, I went to class after work and was greeted by a woman who was not our professor. Turns out, our professor has had to take an emergency medical leave and we now have a sub for the rest of the semester. She is very cool and relaxed while also being serious about our work. Guess thats okay!

On Thursday, I went to babysit the other kids after work, talk about TIREDD, that night.

Friday morning I had a huge issue with #1 and she really upset me. She was refusing to get ready for school and acting as if everything going wrong was my fault. Her tone was rude and demeaning. It was the first time I really felt like ‘the help’ and not her friend. I cried after she was gone that morning. On one hand, I was trying to hold them back while telling myself that a twelve year old shouldn’t make me cry. But on the other hand, she was super hurtful and it doesn’t matter how old she is. Its okay to be hurt. After all that, I did nothing at all Friday night, and went to bed early.

Saturday morning, I applied to a TA position at Fairfield U (the director gave me the info and encouraged me to apply “before receiving my acceptance” —direct quote). After that, I went to babysit the other kids, and since I keep mention them I will call them the Fairfield Kids. They are the ones I have known for three years. I watched them again today and I am simply exhausted. Right now, I am supposed to be at my Grandma’s celebrating my Uncle’s birthday but I am in bed, blogging.

This week is going to be busy as I prepare for my trip on Saturday!!! XO STAY TUNED


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