Driving off

This week, I drove off with my wallet and phone on top of my nanny mobile…YEAH. It was Wednesday morning  and #3 was half asleep in my arms as I brought him out to the car to bring his sister to school. On this particular day, I decided not to bring my tote bag into the car as it takes up space at the kids’ feet and #3 always ends up going through it. I grabbed my wallet and my phone and off I went.

We were halfway to #1’s school (a private school 15 minutes away) when I realized it. “OH MY GOSH,” I gasped and I felt the kids stiffen, “WHAT?” they yelled. “MY WALLET WAS ON TOP OF THE CAR!!!” I slammed the hazard lights on and pulled the car over before jumping out to see if by some miracle the wallet and phone had held on. NOPE. I checked my Apple Watch to see if my phone was connected to it and as it was not so I knew it was not in the car. So then I had to drive the rest of the way to school knowing I was driving without a license or means of contact if anything happened. FUN.

The whole drive home, the boys and I had our eyes peeled for my stuff, they were so cute and helpful LOL. When we got back to their house, my Apple Watch was connected to WiFi and therefore I started getting messages. I got texts from an old college friend whose Dad had found my wallet and it was at the police station. So footie-pajama clad #3 and I headed down to the police station to retrieve my phone and wallet. At the station, we waited for the officer and the woman working the desk gave #3 a coloring book and sticker badges, he had a great time :). When I got my stuff, my phone only had a few scratches and was fully functional #BLESSED. My discontinued/brand new Kate Spade wallet on the other hand, was destroyed ;(. Now I am back to my small old MK, ugh. But I am SO LUCKY that my wallet was found with everything in it and that my phone is fully functional. It was stressful, but overall pretty funny and the kids enjoyed the laugh.


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