Jane the Virgin

Currently, the kids are at school and I am waiting for the laundry to be dry and for the dishes to be sparkling. In my downtime, I should be finishing up my essay but instead, I am unwinding with a little TV. I discovered the CW show Jane the Virgin on Netflix after its first two seasons already aired. I remember seeing the poster for it constantly and thinking it sounded odd and that I would never watch it. But after literally one episode on Netflix, I was HOOKED and I have been obsessed ever since.

The show is dramatic, funny, and real in so many ways. Jane is an independent woman who gets herself caught in a web of a family life. She is a young writer and because of that, I can 100% relate to her. I find myself inspired by her work, her strength, humor, and even her style (I want to raid her dress collection). This show is an absolute MUST WATCH for all women.



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